RPMcoaching is now a F.I.S.T. Certified bike fitting service.  We provide complete road and triathlon bike fitting solutions without the bias of being tied to specific bike or component brands.  We can also perform your fit in the comfort of your own home.  To schedule a fit, use the CONTACT button in the top, right corner of the menu bar and reference "schedule a fit".

Performance Fit - $75 road or $100 tri/road+clip-on aero bars

Recommended for recreational riders, commuters, riders who have recently purchased a new or second-hand bike, and riders not experiencing any specific pain.  Your fitter will recommend the correct saddle height, saddle fore/aft, and handlebar position using the equipment you are currently using.  Also included is a follow-up session to make any minor adjustments (upon client's request).

Custom Fit - $175 road or $250 triathlon/TT


Intended for the rider seeking to maximize comfort, power, and performance as well as riders with specific complaints of pain.  This option provides the rider with a comprehensive fit solution which can be used to optimize their existing bike or as a guide in finding and building the perfect new bike.  Riders will leave with their individualized, ideal fit measurements as well as the piece of mind that their bicycle is optimized to them.  Includes a pre-fit assessment, cleat alignment, and follow-up visit (upon rider's request).

Basic Fit/Fit Transfer - $50

Using the equipment that you have on your bike, your fitter will make sure that you have the proper saddle height and a comfortable reach and handlebar position.

Bought a new bike (lucky you) and need it set to match your current riding position? Using your fit measurements, we can help set up your new bike.  Clients must provide all components that will be added to the bike.