January 10th Swim Clinic Workout

Dry land strength exercises for swimmers:

This past week, the topic for The Bike Rack Multisport team swim clinic was strength.  Our small group split in two: one half doing drills in the pool while the other stayed on deck to learn a short strength and movement routine.  Below is the list of the exercises that were demonstrated during the dry land portion of the workout.  This set focused on three areas: shoulder strength and ROM (range of motion), ankle ROM, and core strength.  While not exhaustive, this group of exercises can form the base of a weekly strength routine or be added individually to an existing plan.  For demonstration videos, search each exercise by name on Youtube.

(All exercises should be done with very light weight or a small amount of resistance.  Weights or stretch cords can be substituted depending on what you have available to use. 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps or 3 repeats of 30-45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest.)

Shoulder/Triceps Strength:

  • Supraspinatis lift - remember thumbs down!
  • Forward and lateral low to high reverse fly - keep your arms straight.
  • Triceps kick back - keep you upper arm still, pull from the elbow.

Shoulder ROM:

  • Fly stretch on the wall - first thumb up, then thumb down.
  • Doorway fly stretch -bend arms 90 degrees at the elbow.
  • Triceps stretch - try to push your arm down the middle of your back.
  • Eagle arms stretch - If you can't achieve this position, bend one arm at the elbow and pull across the chest with the other.

Ankle ROM:

  • Ankle sit - If your quads are too tight to sit with your butt bones on your heals, first stretch your quads, and if tightness persists use a rolled up towel.
  • Wall ankle mobilization - start with foot a few inches away from the wall and press weight forward until the knee touches the wall.

Core Strength:

  • Planks - front and side, rest on your elbow.
  • Prone cobra stretch - start in streamline position and rotate arm to your hips keeping arms straight.
  • Single leg bridge - keep one leg straight, feel press thought your glutes and hamstrings.
  • Supine bird dogs (dying bugs) - alternate arms and legs while keeping your core tight.
  • Windshield wipers - Arms out for stability, bend legs at the knee and rotate side to side touching knees to the floor.

Again, this list of movements is not exhaustive, but are good exercises to rotate into an existing workout routine.