January 17th swim clinic

Breathing, balance, and body position

This past weekend we worked towards achieving a horizontal body position in the water, rotating the shoulders to allow for a proper recovery, as well as learning how to breath properly during the freestyle stroke.  The workout that we did was as follows (with slight modification):

2x200 swim 50 free/50 not free

4x50 kick with board in streamline, breath every 6 count

100 easy swim

4x50 6/3/6 - 6 kicks on R side/3 strokes/6 kicks on L side

100 easy free

4x50 catch-up

100 easy free

4x50 sail drill

100 easy free

8x50 breath every 2,3,4,5, by 50, repeat build

100 easy

The theme that should remain constant while conducting these drills is to maintain a purposeful, consistent exhal e. Whether you are swimming and taking a breath every 3,5,7 strokes or kicking on your front of side.  Practicing this will teach you to maximize the volume of CO2 that you push out and therefore the amount of oxygen that you can take in. 

Here is a link to the video that Damon shot at the end of practice: