RPMcoaching was created to encourage, support, and enhance the performance of our athletes and to help them build the enjoyment of sport into a balanced lifestyle.


Our Mission

To give our athletes the best training and support; to guide them towards achieving success and longevity in a balanced, active lifestyle; and to help them realize all the benefits and enjoyment that sport can bring into their lives.

I love to race and I constantly want to get faster. But I love sharing that success with my family even more. The hardest thing about training isn’t the miles or hard effort, it’s balancing the time spent training with time spent with family. RPMcoaching is about helping our athletes achieve that balance.
— Jon Ryder, RPMcoaching founder

What We've Achieved

  • USA Cycling Level 3 certified
  • USA Triathlon Level 1 certified
  • 20+ years of swimming experience
  • F.I.S.T. certified road and triathlon bike fitting